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The Eerie and Radiant Doorless Rooms Of Pain

by The Sun and The Mirror, Pseudodoxia

I prefer the noose I prefer the noose Choose the noose I prefer the noose I prefer the noose Choose the noose Choose the noose Choose the noose Choose the noose Choose the noose Choose the noose Choose the noose Choose the noose (...)
No hope. Though clinging can hold on a little while, attachment never gives the strength you need to persevere. Ever pining for return to a golden age, on bended knee in prayer for release to the great beyond. Push away reality. Deny your fleshly life and reject, the blood and bone that gives you grace in god. Mountains rise and they dissolve. Just as breath goes out, granite turns to soil. Holding on and begging to be saved. Supplicating in rejection of a wasted sky, or jubilant with the rise of a golden dawn. All things decay and all things yield. In resolution and acceptance, we will find a way to carry on. Turn your eyes from a wasted sky, holding on for release in heaven. In your last breath, you will find the kingdom of heaven lies within you. Don’t hold on for the great beyond. Illusions of the past, and a future build on torture. If we’re released from this cycle of looking for the great beyond. You will find in the end, the kingdom of heaven lies within you, and paradise is for the damned. Hope is for the lost, and self deceived. Ever reaching for heaven, the great beyond, always denying our fleshly life, forcing false illusions upon our lot. Struck in terror by the dark voice of reason, from which you’ve relied, to be rescued by a savior, who waits with open arms, in the starry void. Do your best to outwit the absurd, imbibing in the sparkling and mundane, making meaning for the life you lead, in the kingdom of the profane, beauty lives and dies in the day to day. Supplicating to dead illusions. Caught in a cycle torn between ecstasy and dismay. You’ll not ever reach your heaven, looking outside. All things decay, and all things yield; a box of shells that crumbled into sand reborn as pearly bone, a burst of gold catching the light, that burst across the fertile plain. Just as an orchid exudes perfume, as its petals dissolve in the mud, a prairie never longs for release in heaven, or escape from the infinite course of time. Stories of utopia never fulfilled. Until we accept beauty and pain, all sides of the real, we will deny our life. You’ll never reach heaven, looking outside. We’re enamoured with this cycle, under a wasted sky. We seem caught in this trap, but one way out is relinquishment of hope.



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“The Eerie and Radiant Doorless Rooms Of Pain” is a split album by two truly outstanding Experimental Doom / Ambient Drone duos: THE SUN AND THE MIRROR and PSEUDODOXIA.

The “TEARDROP” split represents two unique ways of narrating pain: two different languages, each using their own alphabets and yet coining together a brand new idiom, exploring the innate aching and suffering of the human condition but with a narrative that is as dark and oppressive as is ultimately cohesive.

THE SUN AND THE MIRROR consists of cellist Sarah Townley, who creates a haunting wall of ambient drone and deconstructed classical melodies, and multi-instrumentalist Reggie Townley on vocals, guitar, bass, electronics and drums.
Only months after their critically acclaimed debut album “Dissolution to Salt and Bone”, the Washington-based duo are back with “Relinquishment of Hope”, a 23 minutes long track showcasing their signature sound made of dramatic melodies and rarefied atmospheres, and producing once again an effortlessly emotional blend of Doom, psychedelic, minimalistic noise, dark orchestral, drone and folk.

PSEUDODOXIA is formed by Davide Destro (LaColpa) and Void (Feed Them Death), both in charge of manipulating all types of frequencies and playing all instruments and machines.
After self-releasing the EP “SOL : C l a u s u m” earlier in Summer, the duo are contributing to the “Teardrop” split with two tracks that are a perfect synthesis for their multi-layered and pitch-dark metaphysical amalgamation of sounds including Dark Ambient, Drone, Blackened Doom and Noise.

“The Eerie and Radiant Doorless Rooms Of Pain” is a monumentally dark meditation about suffering delivered through somber and enveloping soundscapes.
Just like eerie layers of oppressive sound adorning the walls of a desolate house with no doors and no light, the album is a place of the soul where nobody can enter or leave but is permeated solely by the sad epiphany of the inevitability of pain.


released December 3, 2021


Sarah Townley- Cello
Reggie Townley-Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming
Additional Drum programming by Z. V. House
Music and Lyrics by The Sun and the Mirror
Recorded by Reggie Townley and Sarah Townley
Mixed and Mastered by Z.V. House at Rabbitbrush Audio


All frequencies, noise, production and deconstruction by PSEUDODOXIA.
Vocals by Void
Theremin on “H o l y : PIG : S o l a c e” by Ays Kur (Die Kur)
Mastered by Giorgio Barroccu x Evokaos

Artwork, Layout and Artistic Direction by Evokaos (Brucia Records)


all rights reserved



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