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We Inherit a World at the Seams

by Formalist

Warfare 14:41
Concrete buildings crumbling down Lead tinged skies, this rotting crown I'm burying enemies by now Same old shit, I disallow Going back to no one's arms Once my war is over Going back to no one's arms Once my war is over Pain on repeat - Repeating the pain Pain on repeat - Repeating the pain Blaming retreat - Retreating the blame Blaming retreat - Retreating the blame Liquid guilt mixed with morphine Keeps my smile up for the time being A whirlwind of death brings forth this defeat A veteran burial into concrete Going back to no one's arms Once my war is over Going back to no one's arms Once my war is over Trigger happy when misery breeds A parasite biting at the hand that feeds Extinction perspectives with methods at hand Freedom at last - A bliss you can't withstand
Monuments 13:36
Arms outstretched towards a waning sun The memory of what we once called society A burial between concrete and broken glass The subway stands silent, devoid of the swarm, now speechless The ghost of consumerism floats Revisiting the gallows of a long lost dignity I remember the flames touching the sky The wasteland of our values A vast grave with a million views Like broken dolls we lie scattered Our dreams absorbed through the cracks of a sidewalk Through the ashes of meaningless monuments We’ll dance in circles Woke slips into deep sleep, coma Reason collides with ego-neurosis Servants of a crooked scheme, deployed Massive disillusion turned agitation From the sewers to the elysian fields, backwards Catharsis through broken links of the oppressed Degeneration burns, lies explode Through the falling monuments we arise The sun has collapsed Embrace the aeon of the weaklings Slaves to the hive-mind Stand up and suffer Ghosts of our youth Won't help the blind to see Ghosts of our fathers Won't save us from what's out there Flood streams from the wayside, drown Needle enslavement, cattle parade Bringing down tyrants, uproar Inner temples crumbling, dismissed From the gutter to the golden gates, transpired Uneven counts of murder, scorching defeat Something to forget, deprivation weighs Through the falling monuments we arise Come with me Behold the tides that darken the sun Slaves to the grey skies We inherit a world at the seams
Selfish 15:46
Gone - Breaking down, relapse Unspoken - Illusions burned To be a no one through dismal streets Sleep deprivation, dreaming of good times Awaken To be alive is a selfish act To be alive is a selfish act Wrong - Wore my scars on the outside Gold - Failure brings no wisdom Mutating assets through futile times Not knowing how to fix these cracks Still broken To be alive is a selfish act To be alive is a selfish act To be alive is just a selfish act Mutating assets through futile times To be alive is a just selfish act Mutating assets through futile times



"An experience of crushing might, paralyzing malignancy, and mentally lacerating pain" (No Clean Singing)

"Gets right under the skin and completely mesmerises" (Ave Noctum)

"Total Malaise Sludge Doom (...) it's like an immersion in the atmospheres of Pupi Avati's horror films, only here the monsters are real and they invade your head (Metalitalia)

"a feedback-dominated noise orgy" (X-Crash)

"slow and menacing music where sludge, doom and black metal together form a crawling and uncomfortable mass" (Eklektik Rock)


“We Inherit a World at the Seams” is the sophomore release by Doom / Sludge / Drone outfit FORMALIST.

The album will be released on May 25th, 2023 on digital and 6 panels Digipack CD.

FORMALIST is a supergroup featuring members of some Italian heavyweights bands such as FORGOTTEN TOMB [Ferdinando "HM" Marchisio - vocals], MALASANGRE [Riccardo Rossi - drums] and VISCERA/// [Michele Basso - guitars]

After the critically acclaimed “No One Will Shine Anymore” (2018), FORMALIST are now back and their aim is still one and the same: opening new gates of total sonic horrors.

“We Inherit a World at the Seams” is a monumentally nihilistic record - a low-tuned nightmare combining the most vicious forms of Black Metal, Doom, Sludge and Drone, and taking their fear inducing and menacing sound literally to the extremes.

The FORMALIST unit handles their weapons of sonic destruction with purpose and sadistic intent, here delivering some of the heaviest, most cacophonic and gloomiest Doom / Sludge Metal around, and featuring layers upon layers of rumbling noise, shrieking guitar feedback and desperate howls singing the end of a dying world.

The lyrics are a first person account tackling themes such as darkness, despair and social unrest, and narrating the world's downfall with an hallucinatory and yet detached style.

Terrifyingly suffocating and massively obscure slow music for the disenchanted.

FFO: Khanate, Corrupted, Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine, Grief


released May 25, 2023


Ferdinando Marchisio - Vocals
Michele Basso - Guitars & Electronics
Marcello Groppi - Bass
Riccardo Rossi - Drums & Electronics


Recorded and mixed in several excruciating sessions amidst the plague of 2020 and 2021 at Elfo Studio, Tavernago (PC), Italy by Alex Lizzori and FORMALIST.
Mastered at Elfo Studio by Daniele Mandelli, summer 2022.

All lyrics by Ferdinando Marchisio.

"Warfare": music by Michele Basso.
"Monuments": music by Ferdinando Marchisio & Michele Basso.
"Selfish": music by Michele Basso & Nicola Casella.

All arrangements by the FORMALIST unit.
Electronics & industrial disturbances by Riccardo Rossi & Michele Basso.
Cover-artwork concept by Ferdinando Marchisio.
Band picture by Marta Piroli
Artworks and graphic layout by Evokaos (Brucia Records)


all rights reserved



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